Hey everyone! Here is your opportunity to be a part of something that may very well be the next big social app! Introducing… CLUSTERS! It’s the ultimate “crowd-finder” software that will enable you to see the hottest spots around your area; LIVE, in real-time! CLUSTERS can also predict where a good crowd might be by using past crowd-flow trending data to help you decide where to go before you go! CLUSTERS also works inversely by finding idle places too, where you normally would NOT want to wait in line. Examples like: movie theaters, grocery stores, restaurants, the post office and the damn DMV! We are looking for developers and investors at this stage so if you can help us, give us a shout at Steve@TheClustersApp.com! Most of the funding will, of course, go towards developing the app and making it as compelling and powerful as possible. Any leftover pre-revenue money will be used for marketing it for launch on the App store and Google Play.


Here’s how CLUSTERS displays the crowd breakdown.

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